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Tribal Fusion Review


History and Requirements for Membership

Founded in 1998, Tribal Fusion is currently one of the largest online advertising networks in the world, serving close to 20 billions ads monthly. As is the case with the giants of any industry, if you want to play with the big boys you have to walk the walk, not just talk the talk: there are several requirements for getting approved to run Tribal Fusion ads. Publishers must attract a minimum of 500,000 unique visitors per month, are prohibited from displaying sexual content, update their websites frequently, have an active user base, uphold an active and publicly stated privacy policy, and possess their own top-level URL. If you check all these boxes, welcome to the Tribal Fusion club!

How Much Does Tribal Fusion Pay?

So you’ve qualified for membership in the exclusive Tribal Fusion club; how much paper will you actually make? Depending on the topics your website/blog covers, the compensation for CPM will vary from $0.20 to $2.00; entertainment, movies, and celebrity sites are on the lower end of the scale while tech, health, and sports sites tend to get paid more.

The minimum payout for Tribal fusion is $50 and—you shouldn’t be surprised—the only type of payment method for this granddaddy of a company is check. One thing that’s especially awesome about their way of working is their transparent revenue sharing process; currently they compensate their publishers 55% of all revenues gained from CPM, which is awesome.

The Nuts and Bolts of Tribal Fusion

You’re going to make a lot of money with Tribal Fusion, but you obviously want to know how this website works. First of all, you have a lot of different styles of ad displays to chose from: banner, pop under, video, expandable, interstitial, and floating. Furthermore, Tribal Fusion is powered by page-level contextualization and transparent audience modeling, so you maximize the exposure of highly specific ads to the biggest possible viewership.

The page-level contextualization tracks over 300 million pages across the entire publisher network and then optimizes ads based on the continuously evolving profiles of every visitor to a publisher page. The transparent audience models map out the reach of every segment of the visitor network, and you can customize ad campaigns based on these models. Lastly, Audience Efficient Real-Time Operation (AERO) is the sum of the parts: ads are contextualized to audiences which themselves have been profiled anonymously and categorized into various segments.


If you’ve already made it this far with your website or blog and qualify for Tribal Fusion’s ad network, you probably don’t need to hear this from me, but I’ll say it anyways: what are you waiting for?? Sign up already, take advantage of one of the most exclusive yet widespread advertising networks on the planet, the best targeted ad campaigns, and the most streamlined software to date in online advertising. It’s a decision that is bound to pay off for you. Join the tribe!