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QuinStreet Review

QuinStreet Review LogoQuinStreet Enterprises is a niche search-engine marketing advertising company that goes beyond desktop format advertisements. QuinStreet uses a multi-platform approach that includes mobile, tablet, video, custom published, webcast, and e-Newsletters.

Unlike Google or Bing, QuinStreet works with niche areas such as financial services and secondary schools like DeVry (who happened to make up a fifth of QuinStreet’s revenue a few years ago). Many big technology and education names are associated with the long-running company including Datamation, eWeek, IT Business Edge, and CIO Insight.

All these companies have access to large target audiences and can vet their referrals. As an advertiser you can buy these vetted referrals. Although the leads come at a higher price than Adsense, the process could reduce the customer acquisition cost and lead to greater profits in the long run.

All this traffic is then directed to the advertised website. An upside to QuinStreet is the fact that there are no forms or email requests to fill out between steps, so customers are more incentivised. Because they aren’t having to give out personal information to learn more about the schools’ offers (although they may need to provide more information once arriving at the third party site), they are much more likely to explore the advertised site to find the information they need.

Overall, QuinStreet’s customer service is average. Employees seem to be eager to help and easy to get ahold of. However, many customers complain about being transferred to new representatives without notice (on a regular basis). This is due to a high turnover rate with their employees and leads to a less personal experience with the company.

QuinStreet is a business that has successfully provided their clients with a higher level of income from advertisements. To request more information, follow this link and fill out the form to get in contact with a QuinStreet representative:


  • Helpful Solutions
  • Lead Generation
  • Used by established brands
  • Award-winning editorial content

Multi-platform approach:

  • Mobile
  • Tablet
  • Webcasts
  • Custom Publishing
  • Video
  • E-Newsletter

How to sign up for it

  • Contact a QuinStreet Representative

How it compares to AdSense

  • More specific target audience
  • Higher acceptance rate
  • More platforms supported