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Maxbounty Review

maxbounty logo reviewMaxbounty is a CPA (Cost Per Action) network that offers many campaigns for bloggers and website owners to use in order to monetize their sites. There are campaigns to meet the needs of any niche as well as a referral system to further increase earnings.

How to Signup for Maxbounty

Like most other CPA networks, signup here involves filling out a form, inputting a website, and a brief plan on how Maxbounty can help monetize it. If accepted, then access is given to the main section where all the campaigns are located.

Campaigns are easy to choose. It just takes finding one related to an interesting niche, and then promoting it on either a blog or webpage. As people click the link and either sign up or buy things, then the account is credited and gets paid. This is almost exactly the same way Adsense works.

Maxbounty vs Adsense

It is easier to make money with Adsense however, because it only requires clicks and not as much personal information. One thing to note though is on a newer Adsense account, there is a waiting period as Google asses the webpage for traffic and to allow ads to display. With Maxbounty, the campaigns can be implemented immediately.

The owner of Maxbounty is very responsive and if there is ever a problem, he will do his best to help resolve it. Sometimes the advertisers put a red flag on a user because of a certain way their leads come in and if there is a good legitimate reason, the owner will appeal whatever actions were taken and either restore the account or give the money back.

Maxbounty Offers

Maxbounty is one of the best CPA networks around. The offers are great for niche specific marketing, however, there might not always be the perfect campaign for a specific niche. With Adsense, the ads are automatically configured and therefore just need to be placed in order to function..

The only cost associated with Maxbounty is time, so it is well worth it to play around with the campaigns and see which ones perform the best. As long as there is nothing shady or illegal happening on the website and the ads are not placed in a way that is demeaning to the company (for example, posting an ad for a dating site and showing it as an adult entertainment site) then everything will be fine.

Adsense and Maxbounty both offer excellent ways to monetize a website and blog. Really, there is no clear cut winner in the question of which one is better. It boils down to personal preference and style of advertising. Adsense is easier to setup and get into, and Maxbounty takes a little more research. However, the differences are not great enough to say pick one over the other.