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EDUSearch Review


EDU-Search is a Cost Per Action (CPA) network that focuses on education. The site is simple to sign up for and to use. It only requires filling out the form with name, address, phone number, and all the rest of the personal data. Shortly after the form is submitted, expect a phone call from the affiliate manager, Joe Arquilla.

How it works

Once accepted into the network, select the campaign to run. The campaign will say the requirements to receive credit, and the higher paying ones may need special approval from the manager. After selecting the right campaign, there will be an image and a link presented. This is then used on a website to place the banner add advertising the campaign.

If there are ever any problems, the affiliate manager is easily reachable through either telephone or email. He is responsive, and will do his best to help out with any problems that arise.


What to expect

Earning with a CPA network is very different than earning from a Pay Per Click (PPC) program like Adsense. Adsense pays based on how many people click on the advertisements placed on a website. EDU-Search pays based on how many people complete the mission that was accepted. The missions usually consist of inputting email address or mailing address, signing up for programs, or registering for a class.

EDUSearch is a very easy program to get involved in and to incorporate into a website. The banners places can be used anywhere and will not interfere with the main content of the site. The banners are also very niche specific, meaning that on an educational website, people are already interested so the odds of them clicking on the link will be higher.

EDUSearch vs Adsense

One important thing to note, however, is that some of these missions will receive more traffic than others. It is important to play around with different missions and see if some do get better returns than others. This can be time consuming. Adsense shines in this area, however. The ads there automatically change and are geared towards the content. The only thing about Adsense is that sometimes the keywords used for certain sites are not worth as much money as others.


EDU-Search is a great tool if it is used in an environment where education is the main goal. However, in any other type of situation, this is not the best site to use. From an education point of view, this may be one of the best affiliate sites available to use and monetize as website with.

With the right advertising to bring traffic to the site, and with the appropriate missions from EDUSearch, this can be a very profitable niche market. There are many people searching to continue their education, and this is a wonderful site to aid them in achieving their goals.