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CPAWay Review

CPAWay Review LogoOverview

CPAWay is a company which was initially founded in 2006, but didn’t become available to the public until 2009. This company’s main goal is to inspire trust into the publishers and advertisers. This is backed by their creed “trust, respect, integrity, honor . . . all coveted character traits . . . all defining the cornerstones of your success.” A voted top 10 CPA company that has been the sponsor to many conferences, publications, and magazines; they seem to be establishing themselves as an industry authority.

How It Works?

CPAWay focuses on the cost per action revenue model for publishers. It works by having a user on your site perform some type of action such as buying a product or filling out a form for an advertiser. To get these offers you will have to sign up for CPAWay at their website and wait until approval for access to the publisher’s dashboard. Once there browse around and find an offer that is relevant to your site’s content and plug in the add code on your site. Remember to test different offers to find which ones are the most effective.

Ad Formats and Useful Tips

CPAWay is a CPA network so that is their main revenue model. Users have reported that their offers are wide and in many different categories, but there is not enough premade creative banners and such to help promote them. This means you may have to design your own ads if you do not like the few that they give you. This is not a big deal to most internet marketers as it is usually a good idea to test different ads against each other to see which is more effective. There ad formats are the basics such as banners, skyscrapers, and leaderboards.

How does it Compare with Adsense?

Adsense specializes in cost per click while CPAWay specializes in cost per action. This means that with Adsense a user only has to click the ad for you to earn money, but the payout rate is much less than that of an action. With CPAWay you will earn money when a user clicks the ad and fills out a form or buys a product. This usually has fewer conversions than that of Adsense due to the user having to do much more, but the payouts are much higher and can be up to $20 per form filling depending on which offers you promote. Overall each of these networks can earn you money, but it is up to you to decide based on information about your users habits, what is the best option, CPA


  • A great focus on customer relationships
  • 1000+ offers
  • Trustworthy CPA authority company
  • High payouts


  • Not many creatives for their offers to help you promote
  • Only CPA

How to Sign up for it?

Go to their site at cpaway.com and right there on the main page is a big blue box that says “join today” with options as either an advertiser or publisher. Choose the publisher link and you will be taken to a simple application form. You will have to fill out things like name, address, site details, etc. and once submitted, wait until your approval.

Conclusion – A good choice for CPA publishers

CPA publishers looking for a trustworthy network which is easy to get into would be doing themselves a favor by trying this one out. It is true that in this industry it is hard to trust networks and it is hard for networks to trust publishers alike, but CPAWay works hard to break that habit and has made trust a foundation of their company. Sure they have a bit of shortcomings like less creatives, but it depends on how you look at it and maybe this can be a way for you to hone your designer skills and become a better publisher. Overall this network is definitely worth a try for all CPA publishers.