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CPALead Review

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What is CpaLead?

CpaLead is a Cost Per Action (CPA) network designed to monetize a website or blog. You place ads on your site that require people to fill out a short form, a survey, buy a product, or install an app. The amount of pay differs from ad to ad, but there are over 2000 to choose from, so it is very easy finding enough for the niche of the website or blog.

How do you get paid?

CpaLead offers PayPal, Check, Wire, Payoneer, and ACH payments. Payments either come weekly, Net-15 or Net-30 (which is every 15 or 30 days respectively). The minimum payout is $50. Once you reach that you can make the request, and the payment is processed quickly.

What are the Pros of CPALead?

The biggest benefit to CPALead is the fact that is free to join, the ads are easy to place on your website or blog, and they do not require a lot of work on the viewer’s part to complete. Another pro to CPALead is the content locker. This is a tool designed to lock certain parts of your site, for example, a link to a product you are giving away. When someone clicks on the link, they will have to do a short survey, or install a program. Once this is done, the file becomes unlocked and they can download it. At the same time, you make money for the completed survey or download.

Another major pro to CPALead is the control you will have over your product. You will be able to pick which ads are on your site, and if you find one is not to your liking, changing it is as simple as removing the link and putting a new add in its place. This makes sure you can always maximize your earnings potential.

What are the Cons of CPALead?

The downside to CPALead is how difficult it can be to get someone to click on the ad and fill out the information. People might put in their zip code or email address, but not everyone will put in their name or address like some of the offers require. Also with the content locker, sometimes the surveys do not register as completed, therefore making the process of unlocking the content even longer. This will result in less money for you. Also in order for this site to be fully effective, you will need lots and lots of traffic.

How does CPALead differ from Adsense?

The basic concept of these 2 sites are very similar. You place ads on your site and when people click on them and fill out information you get paid. Adsense does not require any information to be given out, however. Instead, they just click on the ad, and you get paid depending on the value of that ad. This makes Adsense in a way much easier to get paid from. The payout in CPALead is higher though, so it becomes a choice of more clicks for less money per click or fewer clicks at a higher rate.

In the long run both of these sites will even each other out in terms of earning potential. One thing that tips in the favor of CPALead is the fact that Adsense is Net-30 and you can get paid faster with CPALead.

Overall, as long as your site brings in lots of traffic, both of these sites will be great to use. Or use them in combination with each other and put a few ads from each site on yours.