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Convert2media Review

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Convert2media is a network in which 7 years ago was started by a group of people out of a living room in Windermere and within 6 months acquired 1 million dollars in revenue. If that doesn’t already say enough about the type of company Convert2media is I don’t know what will. A company that is traditionally invite only, they have garnered a reputation as a quality network which only accepts quality traffic. Currently they are accepting applications to join their company, so now would be a good time to listen to this review and make a decision on if you would like to work with them.

How It Works?

Convert2media specializes in CPA, CPL, CPI and pay per call campaigns for their publishers. Typically you would get invited to their network, but currently you can fill out a 6 step application on their site. If you are accepted you will be able to access your dashboard which is filled with over 4000 offers. This company is top of the line for a reason and that is because their affiliate managers are as experienced as they come. Expect to communicate with them and use their creatives to test and grow your earnings.

Revenue Models and Offers

Convert2media has a significant amount of offers compared to other networks and many niche categories within those offers. You can get bizopp and dating offers from almost any network and Convert2media has those too, but what makes them special is their niche categories that are hard to find. Things like combating flu, getting to sleep, and quitting smoking are offers that have huge potential, but can be rare. Payouts are above average and this company is very good at paying their affiliates on time because their business model has been so effective at keeping out fraudsters. Convert2media uses cost per lead, cost per action, cost per impression, and pay per call revenue models.

How does it Compare with Adsense?

Convert2media is a company that can really compete with Adsense. Its quality traffic has allowed it to attract high end advertisers that are big enough to match up with the advertisers that Google can attract. Also another thing is that the guys who run this company have also been super affiliates at a time and have a lot of experience that they can share with their publishers. This alone is a good reason as to what makes it such a coveted CPA network to join and Google may not be able to match up to that level of customer learning. The only thing in which Google has the edge is that they are a CPC company whereas Convert2media is a CPA network, so if you absolutely are set on cost per click this company will not be for you.


  • High quality offers
  • A significant amount of offers at 4000+
  • Affiliate managers are pros who can help you become a far better publisher
  • Rare niche offers which cannot be found anywhere else


  • No CPC (cost per click)
  • Very strict entry into this network

How to Sign up for it?

Go to Convert2media.com and on the main page click the “publishers apply now button”. You will be directed to a 6 page application which will start with their terms of service. The 6 steps are listed in order as Application Details, Basic Contact Information, User Details, Website Information, Payment Information, and Verify Information. This company is traditionally invite only and currently it is accepting applications, so now would be the time to capitalize on this great opportunity. Also so not be upset if you are not accepted as this network is very strict on who they let in because they want to minimize fraudulent publishers.

Conclusion – Hard to get in, well worth it

Convert2media is as good a network as it is because they refuse to let everyone in. It may not seem fair to some, but affiliate marketing is an industry which is still like the Wild West, it has few regulations. By letting in only traffic which they believe to be good after the application process they minimize fraudulent publishers who lower CPA rates for everyone. If you have tried to apply and been denied, I would advise you to keep on trying as you build your traffic because the guys who are running this network are those who can recognize hard effort. What you have to realize about this company is that you get much more than just high payouts and niche offers, you get their combined experience working for you as well.