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Clickbooth Review

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Founded in 2002, Clickbooth is widely regarded in the industry as the number 1 network in the world. Throughout the years they have gathered 90 million customer acquisitions and have paid out over 1 billion dollars to publishers. What makes Clickbooth one of the best networks is their commitment to relationships and quality traffic channels. Many users report that they have been paid on time, have found the right offers for their niche, and have increased earnings by a simple switch.

How It Works?

Clickbooth is a network that unites those who sell products with those who drive traffic. Being a part of the network as a publisher means you will have access to their offers and a bunch of creatives to promote them. Where Clickbooth excels is in their business relationships, so expect your affiliate manager to be readily available to help you in any way.

Ad Formats and Revenue Models

Clickbooth focuses on the CPC, CPL, CPA, and CPS revenue models. This is basically because they were originators of the modern day CPA network back in 2002 when the industry was starting to grow. They offer banners, leaderboards, skyscrapers, half page ads, rectangles, squares, and custom sizes. Their payment threshold of $50 is low compared to many other affiliate networks and they pay on monthly terms. Their updated CPC division is now called RevContent and it has been updated to fit into any site layout.

How does it Compare with Adsense?

Adsense and Clickbooth match up well due to their ability to both allow CPC revenue models. That being said, Clickbooth also has CPA, CPl, and CPS models which will most likely get publishers less conversions, but much higher payouts than with Adsense. Both networks have the authority to attract high profile advertisers due to being industry leaders in their respective industries. Users have reported an increase in earnings when switching over to Clickbooth, but a much harder approval process.


  • A great focus on customer relationships
  • Trustworthy CPA authority company
  • High payouts
  • Monthly payment and chance to get bumped up
  • Effective rewards program


  • Difficult for beginner affiliates to get in

How to Sign up for it?

When signing up for Clickbooth it is important to know what revenue model you plan to utilize on your site. You can either sign up for Clickbooth or RevContent which is its CPC division. To sign up for a Clickbooth account you must enter an application at clickbooth.com. You can reach the application page under the affiliates tab and clicking the “start now” button. To sign up for RevContent you will have to go to revcontent.com and click on the “start now” button there. It should be said that the application process can take a while so do not expect it to be quick. It has many aspects that traditional affiliate applications don’t have such as test and phone interviews.

Conclusion – The king of CPA networks

Clickbooth is the best CPA network because it consistently provides quality payouts for publishers and quality leads for advertisers. A quick look at reviews on popular affiliate forums show that every single user who has been admitted into Clickbooth is happy with their performance. This is no coincidence and it is highly likely that if you are a CPA publisher you will like this site too, if you haven’t already heard of it. Even if it is a rigorous application process for beginners, this is a network that any publisher cannot afford to miss out on.