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Chitika Review

Is Chitika the Right PPC for your Website?

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Chitika is a pay per click advertising program for website and blog owners. With few differences from Adsense, Chitika has become a major competitor to Google Adsense. Like any other advertising platform Chitika has many pros that make it user friendly, and cons like any other company. However, if you are somebody that is just starting in the world of website monetization, then Chitika may be just what you need.

Chitika was founded in 2003 in Westborough, Massachusetts. Since its beginning, Chitika has earned many awards, has managed to accumulate a network of over 250,000 websites, and has partnered with some of the biggest online companies in the world. Their advertising partners include: Yahoo, Shopzilla, and Yellowbook. Many people that use Chitika boast about the many pros the company offers (even the features that set it apart from some of their biggest competitors).

The best feature of Chitika that sets it apart from others is the fact that their ads are search targeted. Instead of other PPC ad companies that show ads based off of keywords, Chitika based their ads off of the visitors search history so that they only see relevant ads. Chitika also has a pretty low payout rate. They will pay your PayPal account with only $10 or send you a check with only $50. And what is probably one of the most convenient features of Chitika is that if you have more than one site you want to monetize, they only need to approve one of your websites for you to advertise on all of them.

Even though this company does sound pretty great (which it totally is), it also comes with a few cons. For starters, Chitikia’s pay rate is a lot lower than say, Adsense. Chitika only pays anywhere from two cents to $3.00 for each click, whereas other companies may pay up to $7.00 or $8.00 depending on your websites traffic. Another con of Chitika is that most of their ads are text ads. If you are looking for images and flash ads then you may need to look somewhere else. But if you are looking for a very quick setup and don’t mind the text, then Chitika may be the direction you want to go in.

With everything being said, keep in mind that although Chitika’s approval is much easier than adsense, their pay rate is a lot lower. Many people feel that Chitika can compete with Adsense, but it can’t fully replace it. It’s recommended that if your site gets low amounts of traffic that you use Chitika because it is a search advertiser. This can help people who don’t get direct traffic, but instead have people locate their sites through Google, Bing, or even Yahoo.

Now, taking a read through of all of the pros and cons can make it difficult to choose which option to go with. If you’re just getting started, your best bet would be to go with Chitika. When your site gains more traffic and has a lot of content being added to it then you can choose Adsense later on in the future. The beauty about these companies is that they can share space on your site. It’s always great to have more than one option and more than one way of monetizing your site.

For some people, PPC advertising isn’t for them. For others, it’s a great resource to have. There are so many companies that are well established and reliable. It isn’t necessarily which one is right for your sight, or which one will make you more money. At the end of the day you can register with every single PPC company if you can get approved for them. What you should focus on more is where to implement certain types of ads. Every PPC company could potentially earn you a lot of money, but what it always comes down to is strategy. Chitika may be good for one site (or even one or two pages of a site) while Adsense may be much better for another. It is mainly up to trial and error (or success) and is something that only you as the website builder and owner can discover for yourself.