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BuySellAds Review

BuySellAds was born out of frustration with online advertising.

BuySellAds is an online company that helps publishers sell advertising space to different advertisers, while also helping advertisers meet publishers and buy ad space directly from different publishers around the world. The company was started in 2008, and steadily grew ever since.

How does BuySellAds operate?

Their operations all involve online advertising. They review the sites of different publishers that sign up for BuySellAds and try to get as much stats of their site as possible, such as traffic, which is most important for ads. Once a site is approved, it will then be available in the marketplace where advertisers check out the different publishers they want, while the publishers put a price on their ad space.

What are the available ad types?

They have different ad types available for advertisers to use. Here is a list of what they have.

  • Display (any size)
  • Display in RSS Feeds
  • Sponsored Tweets
  • Background Takeovers
  • Text Ads (not for SEO)
  • Image + Text
  • Email Newsletter
  • Custom

How do I sign up for BuySellAds?

Signing up to their service is quick and easy. All you have to do is sign up on their website and fill up the form, just like any other website sign ups. For publishers, you would have to put in your website so BuySellAds can review it and make sure that it is up to their standards, as getting in to the marketplace has a few requirements, which are:

  1. Have at least 50,000 page impressions per month
  2. Exhibit overall quality
  3. Have original and consistently updated content
  4. Be in a niche that our advertisers would have interest in

They also consider the topics of the website you submit, the ad sizes, traffic – which as mentioned, is very important, and social media interactions and activities, but the larger factor is the advertiser demand. BuySellAds know what advertisers look for in a site, and they do it effectively.

They also now sell Twitter ads for anyone who might want to have their products advertised over a huge social media audience.

Another one of their restrictions is the website has to be in English. Any site that is not in English is automatically not approved. Topics are also very important, as it has to be something the advertisers and readers are interested in, as well as it being wholesome, so no adult and illegal topics will be approved. You also need to own the domain where you are selling your ad space, so blogspot and wordpress published sites will not be approved as well.

Why should I go with BuySellAds? What’s the difference between it and Adsense?

The idea of selling ad space is basically the same with both BuySellAds and Adsense. Put up an available space on your site for auction or put it in the marketplace, and wait for the advertisers to buy your space, as with any Adsense type of company.

One of the biggest differences between the two is that BuySellAds uses display advertising, where a fixed advertisement, one that the advertiser chooses for users to see, is displayed on the page of the publisher, while Adsense uses contextual advertising, a type of adverting strategy where an engine scans the content of the page to see what type of page it is, and displays an ad that matches the content of the page, making the ad more noticeable and more enticing to a visitor.

Another difference is Google’s Adsense needs you to have a postal address that is associated to one of your bank accounts where they can send you your payout, meaning no postal address, no payout, while BuySellAds allows payout via PayPal – with a $20 minimum payout, they also have other options such as cheque and Wire transfer.

The user interface for BuySellAds is very user friendly, and it also lets you know how much to expect every month. Users may also choose to either manually accept ads or just let them accept it and let it automatically appear on your site.

Tips to make it in BuySellAds

Though some of the requirements may seem hard, it is not impossible, and the requirements also help you out a bit since meeting the requirement is also the optimum position to be a publisher. Having a good number of followers and visitors to a site is key to having a good name as a publisher, not only in BuySellAds, but on almost all ad space selling sites because this is what will get you noticed by advertisers.

A good topic that interests not only you, but also a good number of people, would definitely benefit your site. Something unique, or if not, something that is not overused. A lot of today’s topics has already been done, but giving your own unique take to it can definitely boost followers.