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Affiliate Trading Review


The Affiliate Trading network is a private network which focuses on pay per click, pay per lead, pay per sale, and pay per download revenue models. They have a minimum of 350+ offers available to run daily mostly in the dating, gaming, and pay day niches. With mostly 5-star reviews on popular sites such as Affpaying and Odigger, it seems like most users are happy with the way its run and the benefits they receive.

How It Works?

Affiliate Trading recruits advertisers and publishers into their network and serves as the middleman between the two which regulates the business transactions. They do this for a small fee from the earnings of each party and with those same earnings maintain the site and its tracking software that credits each party for their work. You as the publisher will gain access to the main dashboard after applying which has offers for you to choose from. Simply just install any of the offers on your site as banners, ads, text, or any other creatives you can find and when a user performs the action that the offer entails, you will earn the amount promised.

Ad Formats and types of Offers

The formats that Affiliate Trading offers are unique in the affiliate marketing industry. They consist of the basics such as banners and text ads, but there is a lot more such as customizable website templates and product marketing content. What this means is that you are able to turn your site into an online store or get unique content which will help sell the product for you. In this aspect, Affiliate Trading goes the extra mile in having a team of not only managers, but marketers. The types of offers you will mostly find with Affiliate Trading is dating, downloadable games, online gaming, mobile apps, and pay days.

How does it Compare with Adsense?

Some Adsense users may be looking to branch out to other networks to try to increase their earnings. The good thing about replacing Adsense with Affiliate Trading is that they also a have cost per click revenue model in addition to downloads, leads, and sales, so if that is a must then this network can work for you. A downside is that Adsense has a large pool of quality advertisers in which you can usually find the right niche for your content, but Affiliate Trading does well enough to deserve a look at their offers as well. Both networks are on net 30 terms as long as you can reach the payment threshold, but if you consistently provide good traffic then you will get bumped to monthly or even bi-weekly payments.


  • Great reviews by many users
  • Constantly updated offers
  • Publisher reward program – details at affiliatetrading.net/Reward.php
  • Affiliate managers are also marketers who can help you with a strategy


  • Default net-30 payment
  • Most offers concentrated on a few main niches

How to Sign up for it?

Go to their site at affiliatetrading.net and click on the “become a publisher” button on the main page. The application is divided into three parts which are Account details, User details, and Additional questions. The additional questions portions is somewhat like an interview which will ask for site details and such, so be prepared. Once reviewed and if you are admitted you will be granted access to their offers on your personal dashboard.

Conclusion – A must for Game and Dating niches

Affiliate Trading is a solid network that can be relied on to earn money through your traffic sources. It does all that is asked for adhering to the industry standards, but the fact that it is trustworthy is what has kept it going. That being said, many of its offers are targeted towards game and dating niches. If that is your niche then absolutely you should apply for this network and I am sure that when they review your site these would be the kinds they are looking for.