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AdWork Media Review

AdWork Media Review


Ad Work Media is a company based out of Gainesville, FL that is widely regarded as one of the top ten CPA networks around. They have achieved this status due to their reliability and unique revenue models. Most networks online are obscure and shady because they do not keep potential publishers informed and updated. Information on Ad Work Media can be found easily on their blog and they have more than 400 positive reviews on affpaying.com.

How it Works?

Ad Work Media uses incentivized and non incentivized offers from advertisers who need a channel to promote their products. Publishers on this network can use content lockers, their innovative product locker, and ads to promote these products. The product locker has the ability to help you sell your products without the need for payment. They simply have to complete offers that you set up to access you content. This in turn generates leads for advertisers, site users get their product, and you get paid.

Ad Work Media Affiliate Tools

Using innovative tools to fuel their CPA conversions, Ad Work Media has a great arsenal of technology that can benefit the publisher. Let’s look at what they offer their publishers.

  • Content locker – Their content locker has 50+ customizable options and can be integrated into any site. It can be used to monetize nearly any type of original content.
  • Product locker – Much like a traditional shopping cart check out this tool can act as your check out on a site where you are selling goods. Its effectiveness comes from the user only needing to complete an offer to get your product while not having to neccesarily pay for it.
  • Virtual Currency – This allows you to enable users to upgrade accounts, purchase content & services, access premium areas, unlock rewards, and similar actions with little, if any, cost to the users.

How Does Ad Work Media Compare with Adsense?

These two networks are in essence online advertising networks for publishers, but they are different types. Ad Work Media is a Cpa network which focuses on content locking or survey admissions. Adsense focuses on direct advertising that is more like a user clicks a link and buys a product. Depending on your web content either one can be better than the other. Ad Work Media would be more for direct content sites, such as downloads, products, video and audio content while Adsense is better off monetizing information and reviews.


  • Innovative tools for publishers
  • Cpa Authority Top 20 Network Blue Book 2014
  • 7 days a week support
  • Mobile-friendly publisher platform
  • 1000+ offers


  • Not easily accepted

How to Sign up for Ad Work Media?

Go to their site at adworkmedia.com and click on the “publishers” link. Clicking on sign up will take you to an application which you will have to fill out. It consists of things like your identity and site details. Once submitted they usually process applications in one business day.

Conclusion – One of the best for a reason

It is no wonder that Ad Work Media is one of the top Cpa sites online. Upon arriving on their site you can see that everything from the site layout to their trademarked tools is tailored to the publisher. Looking around online I could not find any bad reviews on this network and it is with good reason. 7 days a week customer service, innovative tools, 1000+ offers, awards, and high payouts are just some of the good coming out of this network. The main benefit is that you can actually trust this network to payout which is uncommon in affiliate marketing. If you are looking for a good cpa network this one must be considered.