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Adsplay Review

Adsplay Review LogoOverview

Adsplay International is a network based out of India which focuses on CPA, CPC, CPL, CPM, and CPS campaigns. Their combination of high paying offers and weekly payouts has made this network one that is sought after by many website owners.

How Adsplay Works?

Adsplay brings publishers and advertisers together through their integrated system. They recruit advertisers who are willing to use any one of their revenue models to promote their product. The publishers act as the link the advertisers need to promote their products by using the traffic they get on the websites they own. Simply sign up on their site and once approved you will be able to see the type of ads you can put on your site.

Adsplay Revenue Models

Adsplay specializes in cost per action, but they have many more revenue models to implement. The best networks are the ones that provide the most options in helping you to earn as much as you can. Adsplay can be considered in the discussion of good networks due to its implementation of 5 revenue models. They consist of Cost per action, Cost per sale, Cost per lead, Cost per thousand impressions, and Cost per click.

How Does Adsplay Compare with Adsense?

Adsplay like Adsense accepts mostly everybody as long as they adhere to the terms and conditions of the partnership. They are similar in many ways, but Adsplay may have the edge due to their higher payouts and wider selection of revenue models. The only thing that Adsense has better than Adsplay is its brand name which is sure to bring in some high quality advertisers. Users report that Adsplay has increased their earnings, but it mostly depends on how targeted the offers were to the content on their websites. All that being said you may or may not increase your earnings with Adsplay, but it should be considered as an alternative to Adsense.


  • Net 7 and Net 30 payouts
  • Real time tracking
  • More than 3000 offers
  • Industry high payouts


  • 48 hours to approve site
  • Occasional delays in payment processing

How to Sign up for Adsplay?

Signing up for Adsplay is extremely simple. To start you will go to their site at adsplay.in and click on the “publishers” link. There you will see the link to sign up and it will lead you to a short application. Once filled out expect 48 hours for your approval to their network.

Conclusion – Many good reviews

Adsplay is one of the few networks that many users are giving good reviews for. A quick look online will show you that most publisher’s experiences with this network are positive. It is not hard to see why many like the site; it has good customer service, high payouts, low payment thresholds, and weekly payments. For many this site can act as an alternative to networks they are already using. A good rule in internet marketing is to constantly try different methods to increase your earnings and Adsplay is as good a network as any to give a shot.