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AdShift Media Review

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Ad Shift is an international ad network incorporated in 2013 which focuses on incentivized traffic and content lockers. They are host to over 700 offers from companies in over 100 different companies. They are also one of the few networks to offer bonuses to their long standing publishers.

How it works?

There are some companies online who will pay for traffic that is voluntary, so that they can add them to mailing lists or increase the social proofing of their sites. Ad shift media is one of the few networks which allow this kind of traffic, so they are looking for publishers with sites that have downloadable content.

Once you have signed up on their site for an account, you will be led to a dashboard where you can manage your offers, content lockers, and have access to team support. You can customize your content lockers according to the layout of your site, how many offers a user must complete in order to access your content, or how the site unlocks. Install the code on your site and measure the conversions with Ad shift’s real time tracking analytics.

Ad Shift Ad Formats

The ad formats for the Ad Shift network are not as traditional as they are on other ad networks. They consist of content lockers, pay per downloads, and link lockers. Here is a bit of information on what they can do for you.

Content lockers – Upon loading a website or clicking on content this appears and locks down the page, so that every visitor you have will have to fill an offer to access the content. Once the offer is filled the content locker will cease to open again for that user.

Pay per download – As soon as a download is about to start a file locker will appear. The user will have to fill out an offer either free or paid to access the download. Conversions on ad shift have been noted as high as 23%.

Link locker – The link locker will lock links to normally inaccessible sites and like the other two, the user will have to complete an offer to get through to the content.

How it compares to Adsense?

Comparing Adsense to Ad Shift Media is a bit difficult since they are not particularly the same kind of advertising networks. Where Adsense focuses on traditional revenue models and ad formats, Ad Shift focuses on incentivized traffic and content lockers.

Content lockers are against Google’s terms and conditions so it is better to use Adsense if you have a site which you plan to grow big. Content lockers are more of a grey-hat technique that should only be used for sites which provide content like downloads and such.


  • Weekly payments
  • One of the few networks to allow content locking and incentive traffic
  • 700+ offers


  • Not good for non-incentive traffic
  • Reports of missed payments

How to sign up?

The sign up is quite easy for this site. You just go to adshiftmedia.com and fill out an application to be reviewed. There guidelines aren’t very strict and most people are accepted, so if you have a site that you may be willing to try a content locker on have a go at it.

Conclusion – Incentivized traffic is not for everybody

Incentivized traffic may work for some people, but not all. That is because as the internet grows and demands and consumers demand more freedom sites with content lockers and such will not last long. Conversion rates in this area may still be high for downloads, but that should be it.

Any traffic such as information, videos, or audio is expected to be free without any action on the user’s side, so they will not convert as well. That being said, incentivized offers can still be a great improvement for earnings instead of payment for content that you have created yourself such as a video game or useful utility.