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AdOnly Review

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Formerly known as GloAdMarket, Ad Only is a leading advertising platform that allows publishers and advertisers to reach the international market using outstanding technology combined with advanced targeting capabilities over display, mobile phone and inventory then monitoring, analyzing and improving results.

How it works?

Ad Only brings advertisers together with web publishers forming a mutual business relationship based on necessity. Advertisers need multiple marketing channels to promote their products and publishers need ways to monetize their sites. When signing up for Ad Only essentially you are joining a middleman which can give you access to advertisers and tools to help you better monetize your sites.

Ad Only ad formats

Ad Only focuses on the standard ad formats that can be found on the web. The ad formats consist of rectangle, leaderboard, skyscraper, banner, layer ad, pop-up, pop-unders, and slider formats. These can be used with any of their revenue models which consist of CPA, CPV, CPC, and CPM. Out of these models the CPV (pay per view site) stands out because its uniqueness. What it can do for you essentially is that you can earn money every time a viewer views a page on the site.

How does it compare with Adsense?

Ad Only can be a good alternative to Adsense if it is used wisely. What I mean by that is you should only use it if you find offers that are related to the content that you have published. In that sense either Ad sense or Ad only can be used, but Ad Only offers revenue models that Adsense does not. The only downside it has compared to Adsense is that it is particularly new and lacks the trustworthy authoritative brand that Adsense can offer.


  • Ads open in a new tab leaving your site open in another
  • Lowest payment threshold in industry at $1
  • No minimum traffic requirement
  • 5% referral earnings


  • Payments are sent the 15th of the next month

How to Sign up for Ad Only?

Go to their site at adonly.com and hover over the “publisher” link to find the “sign up” link. The application is shorter than most requiring only basic information. Once submitted you will have to wait till they approve your account to gain access to the publisher dashboard.

Conclusion – This network is worth a try

If you are looking to branch out and try different networks Ad Only would be a network worth giving a shot. It’s professional design and basic revenue models can serve as an increase in earnings if you find the right offer. Users have reported that it is very similar to its former Glo Ad Market the only thing being different is the new and simpler brand. It comes highly recommended for users who focus on using cpc or cpm revenue models to monetize their sites. Overall it is definitely worth a try and with minimum acceptance requirements should be a shoe in for beginners and veterans alike.