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Adknowledge is a company that started in 2004 and grew into the largest privately held digital marketplace organically and through acquisitions of other organizations. They have offices around the globe and managers that speak 27 languages serving more than 32 countries. They have a proven database of 600 million unique users to predict preferences and online behavior giving them an edge on most other networks. They are known to work with many household brands including Ford, L’Oreal, LG, and Land Rover.

How It Works?

Since this is a large network it has many different aspects of marketing to consider. It runs the same way as most networks in the way that Adknowledge has a bunch of advertisers that are ready to pay you for the traffic channels you can provide. The difference is that Adknowledge has many different types of monetization such as emails, mobile, websites, desktop apps, video content, and behavioral relevance. To better accommodate their publishers and advertisers they have split each into their own divisions. Each division will have different rules, payouts and payment thresholds.

Types of Traffic Monetization

Adknowledge is more than just an affiliate network; it is a digital marketing network which provides solutions to a pool of quality advertisers. There are many different categories for the publisher to monetize, so let’s look at the list.

  • Video Content – This works under the revenue model of Cost per view. With adknowledge you can install relevant videos on your site which your users can view and when they do you will get paid the agreed amount. The videos have a live optimization feed which can identify your users preferences and match the feed to their interests.
  • Mobile Web – Their mobile web offers work with the CPM revenue model and are optimized for all mobile devices. Advertisers are bidding with each other for access to untapped traffic channels ensuring you high payout rates.
  • Desktop Apps – This runs on the pay per install revenue models which will pay you per install of each application the user decides on. It is an application download file that asks the user if they would like to install any additional software other than the content you have for download and if they do, you get paid.
  • Email Marketing – This will run on the CPL and CPA revenue models. It consists of offers for your email lists with customized creatives to help convert into sales or leads.
  • Audience Delivery – These are basic ads to monetize your site, but they include 1000s of advertisers to choose from and multiple delivery tools to help you drive traffic. They run on the basic CPA revenue model in which advertisers are bidding on.
  • Content Recommendation – Shows sponsored results for your sites content. Is mainly a different version of Audience delivery.

How does it Compare with Adsense?

If there is any site out there on the web that is definitely a better ad network than Adsense it is Adknowledge. I say this because Adknowledge has the same business model of advertiser bidding that Adsense has with much more revenue models to provide. The advertisers can match those in the Adsense network and many are major brands that are in both networks. The ability to choose from email content to video content makes Adknowledge a much more complete network than Adsense is.


  • 6 different forms of monetization for maximum exposure
  • Advertiser bidding model which ensure high payouts
  • Authoritative trust worthy network
  • CPA, CPL, CPC, PPV, CPM, and PPI revenue models
  • Database of users and their preferences to help drive relevant ads


  • No referral commissions
  • Strict traffic guidelines
  • How to Sign up for it?

Upon entering the site, signing up for this network is pretty much everywhere. Each category under their monetize section starts with an overview. Next to the overview is a button that will say “get started today” or “ready to see the difference?” and when you click them a short application form will show up. To sign up effectively you will have to click the button under the category that you are planning to use and then fill out the form and wait for your application to be reviewed.

Conclusion – Way more than an Affiliate Network

Adknowledge is much more than an average affiliate network; it is a digital marketing network. This network is for publishers who are serious about their traffic and really want to monetize it with quality offers. It is true to get in you will have to have a quality traffic channel and a good amount of it coming in, but this is what keeps bad advertisers out of this network. Overall the quality of traffic and ways to monetize it are too good to pass up if you have good and relevant incoming traffic.