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Adcash Review

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Adcash is a network founded in 2007 which acts as a middleman between publishers and advertisers by supplying a means of traffic for advertisers through their publishers and a means of earning an income for publishers through their advertisers. Their site is very highly ranked in Alexa for an ad network and several of publishers around the net have been using them for years to monetize their site.

How Adcash Works?

Once you sign up for the site and get admitted you can start monetizing the website which you submitted with their various amount of offers and revenue models. Their revenue models consist of Cost per click (CPC), Cost per thousand impressions (CPM), Cost per action (CPA), and Cost per lead (CPL). Their offers span over 200 countries and 1000s of campaigns to choose from those companies. Monetizing your site is as easy as talking to their affiliate managers to help you choose the right ad for your site or choosing an ad yourself and installing the code on your site.

How to Sign up for Adcash?

Head on to their site and fill out an application. Compared to other sites the application for the adcash network is very simple and requires only a small amount of details. They will review your site and contact you with a confirmation email to get started.

Adcash Ad Formats

The main benefit of Adcash is that it provides many different formats of ads for their publishers to test and use to earn greater earnings.

Standard display formats – These consist of popular formats such as leader board, full banner, large rectangle, skyscraper, wide skyscraper, medium rectangle, and square. All sizes can be sign at their site adcash.com

  • Site-Under – An ad that displays in a full browser window under your websites window. Visitors will see it surely and perform an action to follow it or close it.
  • Footer – Maintains a position in the browser as the user scrolls for constant visibility
  • Slide-In- This ad slides in from the side of the webpage to capture the user’s attention
  • Interstitial – Shown between webpages giving the user an option to skip or view
  • Background – A big ad that is the background of your site for constant visibility

How Does Adcash Compare with Adsense?

A look at the testimonials on the Adcash website will show that most happy users are owners of game and entertainment sites. This is not particularly a bad thing, but may be a drawback if that is not the kind of site you own. It should be said that their offers do range from many different categories and the only way to truly find out if there are good ads for your site is to sign up and have a look. Their many different ways of monetization does beat out adsense’s main CPL revenue model, but the quality of advertisers may not be up to par with what Google can offer.


  • Mobile and Desktop site compatibility
  • Live reporting
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Many different ad formats for sites
  • All 4 main revenue models (CPM,CPL,CPA,CPC)
  • Automatic or Manual Ad space management


  • Site must qualify for ads
  • Higher payouts for US sites only
  • Strict rules for traffic
  • Conclusion – Try it Out

For those who came to this review to save time on deciding whether or not Adcash may be for you, my opinion is to try it out. Really the effectiveness of adcash depends on the traffic that your site produces more than anything else. If you have traffic which can generate money with their offers than by all means this site is definitely worth a try. I say that because with all of their different revenue models and ad formats you can test and grow your earnings monthly. Overall it is a good idea to sign up for this site if you are looking for other opportunities of revenue and if your site is targeted for gaming and entertainment this is a must.